Embodied Love: A Self-Love Course for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Nadja Eriksson
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Your Big She (a.k.a. your feminine Soul) is your most powerful helper for getting your audience to fall in love with you, share your stories, and joyfully buy your products and services. 

Here’s how you can instantly align with Yours. 

Nadja Eriksson’s

Embodied Love

A Self-Love Course for Conscious Entrepreneurs

Embody Your Soul. Share Your Genius. Get Paid to Serve Love. 

I got so much value from this course. I loved all the practices, they were extremely transformational. The meditations were fantastic as well. I especially loved the meditation of meeting my Big She. Nadja transmits so much love and devotion, she walks her talk. I felt her heart and care. Highly recommended! 

-Gerrie Holloway, Consultant, Clinical Psychologist 

Imagine being able to feel joyful, on fire, and divinely inspired every day…

Your feminine Soul, or your Big She, is the Source of your brightest ideas, your biggest inspirations, and your greatest helper on your path to wealth and success.

All your best ideas come from your alignment with Her.

Aligning with Her daily should be your primary focus as a conscious entrepreneur. 

She embodies your highest vision and the next highest version of YOU. 

When you’re out of alignment with Her, you feel stuck, uninspired, and dull. 

Work feels like a chore, and you have to drag yourself through the day. 

You might rely on coffee to keep you going until you feel jittery and wired…

When you flow from alignment with Her, however, you don’t work…

You create. 

Taking inspired action feels effortless, fun, and exciting. 

You fly through your to-do list, and you never lack inspiration for what’s next. 

Your audience savors every word you write, and your clients say things like,

“I love your work. You’re a genius!”

That’s the kind of feedback you start getting frequently when you use the practices in Embodied Love. 

I know because whenever I share content created with my Big She, gratitude, appreciation, and sales are pouring in. 

Even if you’re an employee–you will get noticed more for your creative genius. 

New pathways will open in your career when you show up as who you really are. 

Here’s the Self-Love Course…

That will teach you how to embody Self-love. (Rather than holding it as a concept in your mind.)

Plus, you’ll get The One You Love–the quick guide to coming home to yourself. 

This mini-course will make you feel more vibrant, whole, and spiritually connected in 21 days. 

The female version of David Deida–like sweet poetry. 

Nadja creates a loving space which is so soft and wonderfully shaped that you don’t want to miss out. The further into the program I dive, the deeper it gets. I love it! I will keep the practices in a sweet little spot to remind myself every time I'm off track.

-Maria Stadell, Author and Mentor 

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In this easy-to-absorb video course, you’ll learn how to…

  • Channel content and create offers with your creative genius (She has your best ideas)
  • Understand the truth about Self-Love (it’s much deeper than bubble baths)
  • Embody all the love you’ve always wanted from partners
  • Free yourself from depending on other people for love and care
  • Feel infinitely worthy as a beloved child of God(dess)
  • Soothe anxiety and self-doubt (whether it arises in work or relationships)
  • Shift your perspective of yourself from fear to unconditional Love
  • Make sense of painful situations and find the gold in them 
  • Turn anger and frustration into power and productivity 
  • Raise your consciousness and evolve into a bolder version of yourself 
  • Build a long-term relationship with your biggest Source of Love (your Big She)
  • Receive Her spiritual guidance on all things (including your business)
  • Trust your intuition and instincts more than your limiting beliefs 
  • Let go of old misconceptions of who you are and what’s possible for you
  • Overcome insecurities and be proud of the woman you are becoming 
  • Forgive the past and create a new, empowering vision for your life
  • Surrender the struggle and receive everything you desire with grace and ease 

Nadja made me feel that this place of love, of feeling amazing just by relaxing into Her, is always with me. I only need to allow myself to feel it. This course helped me unfold the treasure, the sweetness of life. It supported my feeling of wholeness. I feel intensely grateful for being part of this beautiful journey and this highly supportive inspiration. If I could rate it between 0 and 10, I would say: 11 plus! 

- Maike Schepens, Strategy Consultant 

A peek inside: 

Follow me on this journey of embodying your true greatness. 

  • Module 1: Discover the truth about Self-Love
  • Module 2: Raise your vibration by soothing yourself
  • Module 3: Meet your guide, your Big She 
  • Module 4: Stop pushing and accept Her Love 
  • Module 5: Release insecurities and trust yourself
  • Module 6: Surrender to Her Love

Who knew that this could have such a profound effect on my life? The insights I gained from this course were profound. Each lesson was an opening to the next and in such an opening into the Divine. Nadja keeps her promise, the practices are elegantly simple and took a maximum of 30 minutes to do. However, the effects last much longer. My inner light is now shining brighter than ever. I’m eternally grateful. 

- Amy Dyer, Non-Violent Communication Coach 

What’s in it? You get…

  • 6 core modules. Including over 60 minutes of recorded video content, a 60+ page course compendium, transcripts, and so much more. 

  • 2 audio meditations. Meet your Big She and be showered with Her Love for you. An unforgettable imprint that may make you cry (in the best way). 

  • 6 guided practices. Two meditations and four journaling prompts to help you deepen your embodiment of Love. 

Plus… These resources!

  • 4 guest expert interviews. Meet these renowned wisdom keepers and get their take on Self-Love: Michaela Böhm, Pema Salem, Aude Barras, and Charlotte Cronquist.

  • 21-day mini-course. The One You Love will take you on a journey to deepen your Self-Love practice with extra teachings and daily practices. A great add-on for your process of getting paid to serve Love. 

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Learn to come into alignment each day…

So you can embody your Soul, share your genius, and get paid to serve Love. 

This course has been highly transformational. The teachings were spot-on and easy to understand. I felt deeply seen, and Nadja’s ability to deliver the message is great. It was new for me to meet my Big SHE, and it was new to receive guidance from HER, but it turned out so helpful. I am in deep gratitude towards Nadja; she helped me have deeper trust in my intuition and feminine wisdom. These teachings have helped me relax more into my feminine softness, pleasure, and inner calm. I draw on these insights every day. It is something I would not want to live without… I highly recommend this!

-Lærke, MD and PhD student  

Nadja has a beautiful vision. Her dedication to giving space and voice to the Divine Feminine is emanating through her gentle presence. She guides deep and meaningful meditations and has an open and explorative approach to feminine spirituality. 

-Tine, Artist

This course offers essential keys to connecting with unconditional love. It helps you re-discover a femininity that has long been forgotten. It creates a reconciliation in our lives between body and soul, masculine and feminine (inside and outside), and between you and Love. Drawing from spiritual teachings and therapeutic knowledge, Nadja has amazed me. She combines lightness, humor, and poetical beauty with life-changing depth. It is an open invitation to pure Love. You just have to come inside. 

- Josefin Pebaqué, Personal Assistant 

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey to elevating your life and career… even if your current reality is far from where you want to be. 

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When you’re in alignment with your Source, time can bend in magical ways. 

Years turn into months and months into weeks. 

You find yourself bursting with creative downloads, excitement, and new ideas. 

Because She is always there to guide you into becoming the next highest version of yourself. 

She holds your greatest potential. 

And She already embodies the next highest expression of YOU. 

Above all, your job is to align with Her, so you can have your deepest desires made manifest. 

This really works. 

Learn from someone who has guided clients into jaw-dropping revelations, helped download strategic marketing advice, and channeled emails that brought in raving reviews (and sales)... All from listening to Her loving guidance.

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Hi, I’m Nadja Eriksson, Creatrix of Embodied Love

I’m a mystical brand strategist, copywriter, and co-author of the forthcoming Awaken Your Big She. (Yes, that’s a book 100% channeled by our Big She. With Embodied Love, you’ll soon know how to channel all your own work, too.)

Since 2012, my mission has been to serve Love and help raise consciousness on the planet. 

After working as a tantric love, sex, and relationship coach for seven years (speaking on stages in NYC to women about the 7 female orgasms), a powerful plant medicine journey made me pivot in 2019, when I started serving as a copywriter and mystical brand strategist.

Clients often rave about how much I “get” them. What can I say–we’re on the same tantric path. I’m dedicated to supporting conscious entrepreneurs in service to Love because I believe that together, we have the power to manifest a shift in consciousness on the planet. 

Want to join us? 

Be the embodiment of Love! 

Learn how to create in alignment with your Soul, so you can receive your best ideas and as a result…

Get paid to serve Love.

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Be the embodiment of Love!  Learn how to create in alignment with your Soul, so you can receive your best ideas and as a result… Get paid to serve Love.


Embodied Love: A Self-Love Course for Conscious Entrepreneurs

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